PMI Membership

Who is PMI?

PMI is a unique organization, providing a peer-led resource for every MS Portfolio Manager regardless of length of service or assets under management. "For Portfolio Managers, By Portfolio Managersā€ is the goal as PMI members value the professional education and networking opportunities PMI provides.

We are MS Portfolio Managers, Non-Financial Advisor employees, Branch/Regional/Complex Managers, and others who share a desire to support PMI and wish to participate in its activities.

PMI includes nearly 300 MS Portfolio Managers as members, who voluntarily joined PMI in order to enhance their discretionary portfolio management practices.

What Programs and Services Does PMI Provide?

  • We provide networking resources and professional development opportunities to improve skills, practices, and services of our members.
  • The PMI Annual Forum, which brings together over 200 PMI members for three days of industry-leading speakers, workshops and networking.
  • Research resources for portfolio management on a free, discounted or complimentary trial basis. Recent offerings have included The Fred Report,  Morningstar Weekly Highlights, Discounted Gary Shilling INSIGHT subscription and more!
  • Member Only - Featured Speaker National Conference Calls with thought leaders in finance. Recent conference call speakers have included Eric Sprott, Fred Meissner, Tim Galbraith, JD Foster, and Marten Hoekstra.
  • Continual Enhancement of a robust website dedicated to providing members with leading edge professional development materials and access to a range of useful tools.
  • Local Peer to Peer meetings - The goal of which is to share with each other knowledge, such as how we run our practices, how we generate investment ideas, our buy/ sell disciplines, how we develop new business,  what challenges we currently face (what needs fixing), how we use the technology at our disposal, etc. (To request help setting up/hosting a Peer to Peer meeting in your area contact us at


PMI Membership Categories & Fees

Who can join PMI?

Individual Voting Membership - $295
Available to those that have PM status within the Morgan Stanley firm.  Also open to FA's that work on a PM Team.

Associate Non-Voting Membership - $295
Available to Non-Financial Advisor Morgan Stanley employees who share a desire to support PMI and wish to participate in its activities.

Branch/Complex Manager/Regional Manager - $295
Available to those involved in Morgan Stanley management.

New Professional Membership - $200
This is an annual non-voting membership. *To join as a New Professional you must have of 5 years or less Length Of Production Service.

*PMI Memberships are valid for 1 calendar year, expiring on Jan. 1st each year.  
Dues will be pro-rated by join date from July 1st through the remainder of the year.

PMI Member Cancellation Policy 
PMI Members may request a refund of membership dues within 14 days of payment minus a $50 processing fee. Cancellations must be sent in writing to Refunds will be credited back to the original credit card used for payment.

*PMI Membership is limited to those in the Morgan Stanley firm only. PMI Membership dues, Annual Forum fees, and necessary travel expenses to attend the Annual Forum qualify for BDA reimbursement.

Please note that PMI in an independent organization and is not a subsidiary of Morgan Stanley.  Please note that no MS business, client contact or correspondence can be received at PMI, it's location, phone or email address. PMI's contact info is strictly for use regarding PMI programs and services. It cannot be used to conduct MS business in any way nor can it be identified to clients or the public as such.