Select Your Member Type

PMI Memberships are valid for 1 calendar year, expiring on Jan. 1st each year.  

Individual Voting Membership - $295
Available to those that have PM status within the Morgan Stanley firm.  Also open to FA's that work on a PM Team.

Associate Non-Voting Membership - $295
Available to Non-Financial Advisor Morgan Stanley employees who share a desire to support PMI and wish to participate in its activities.

Branch/Complex Manager/Regional Manager - $295
Available to those involved in Morgan Stanley management.

New Professional Membership - $200
This is an annual non-voting membership. *To join as a New Professional you must have of 5 years or less Length Of Production Service. 


Dues will be pro-rated by join date from July 1st through October 31st. 
Beginning November 1st signup will include the remainder of the year plus the following year for the full membership price.